As South Devon’s specialist commercial digital printer, we’re often quizzed by customers on the ins and outs of digital print.  Our customers seek to gain an understanding of digital print and how it can be used effectively by businesses looking to take their marketing to the next level.


What You Didn’t Know About Digital Print

A high quality commercial digital printer can open up a wide range of print possibilities for businesses of all shapes and sizes.  This adds greater impact (and in turn ROI) to your marketing promotions.

Here’s a range of popular ways businesses are already taking advantage of the capabilities of their digital printer:

  • Sequential and non-sequential numbering allowing for individual printed items to be identified.  Really useful for reference numbers, customer numbers and tickets.
  • Personalisation including names, addresses and other data.  This is useful when addressing a customer directly, it makes them feel valued and invested in what you are saying to them.
  • Low print runs via our digital printer mean than now you really can print from as little as 1 copy of digitally printed items.  This means very targeted marketing is a real possibility.  It also allows businesses to order lower quantities of items they either update regularly or like to keep a stock of, without it costing them a disproportional amount.
  • Codes and other specific data are a great way for you to track ROI of your promotion.  By allocating customers a code to quote you can easily see how much money your campaign has generated.
  • Items up to A3 in size can be printed by our digital printer.  This can be really useful for example if looking for a low print run of posters.  By opting for A3 instead of A2 you can save a huge amount of money, putting more money back in the pot for your campaign.  This has successfully worked for customers in the past, who were then able to add more printed items to their campaign as a result of this cost saving, giving their campaign increased visibility.

4 Things Digital Print Can Do For Your Next Campaign

There are many ways in which digital print can be used to boost your marketing activity.  Here we have selected 4 quick wins that you can easily implement on your next campaign – in fact, we can do all of these for you, so with no extra workload it just makes sense!!

  1. Numbering – sequential or random, using our digital printer is a perfect way to add numbering to your print so customers/promotions can be easily identified.
  2. Personalisation – nothing says ‘we care about you, the individual customer’ like personalisation.  Names, order details and more can be included to make customers feel like your marketing campaign is all about them!
  3. Promotional Codes – or other specific data can be printed via our digital printer.  Giving customers unique codes allows you to easily track ROI.
  4. Addresses – customer addresses can be printed directly onto your marketing materials and posted direct from digital printer to customer, without the need for you to touch a single address label.  Postage is usually far cheaper this way too – bonus!


Stuck For Brilliant Ideas??  It’s As Simple As This…

Personalise your next marketing campaign, or even turn a standard mail out into a professional direct mail campaign by using personalisation.  It’s as easy as supplying your database to your digital printer, they will then merge the details with the print et voila – your personalised campaign is go!

Here’s a selection of simple examples that are easy, effective things you can do:

  • Address the recipient using their name, this will make them feel valued.
  • Add an identifying feature such as a reference number, this will allow you to track ROI of your campaign.
  • Make reference to something they have done previously, ie something they have already bought from you, and show them how buying X from you will compliment / improve on what they already have.
  • Give the customer an exclusive offer, this will give them a reason to take action now (ie buy your product).
  • Be sure to make your contact details pop off the page so customers can get in contact straight away.

High Quality Print From Our Digital Printer

A5 leaflet commercially printed using digital printer by AC Print Ltd Torbay, nr Exeter Business Cards commercial print using digital printer by AC Print Ltd Yalberton Industrial Estate Paignton A3 posters printed by digital printer by commercial printer AC Print Ltd for WKD


Getting The Most From Your Digital Printer

The first thing we always say to people is: talk to us at any stage of your project.  This can be before you’ve even decided what you want to do or even when you know what you need but want an idea of costings / viability.

By talking to us (your digital printer) you can tap into our knowledge and 30+ years of industry experience – for free!!   We can help guide you in the direction that will help best meet your objectives, whether this be cost driven, results driven or even creative driven.

We’re always here and happy to help.


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