This quick guide ‘What is InDesign’ is a quick look at why we would use InDesign as Graphic Designers and it’s place in design for print.  But don’t forget we also have our own highly talented in-house Graphic Designers who can put your artwork together for you if you need them to – we’re just a phone call away!

Introductory Guide: What is InDesign?

What is InDesign?

Just exactly what is InDesign?  Well, InDesign is one of the programmes within Adobe’s design suite – this is a group of programmes professional Graphic Designers can use to create artwork that is of high enough quality to be professionally printed by a commercial printer like ourselves.

There are also programmes within the Adobe suite that other professionals can use (such as film makers), but we focus purely on programmes that we can use to create professional standard artwork for professional standard print.

How do I know when to use InDesign

When you think about design for print think InDesign!  Creating, editing and laying out designs for items such as brochures, posters and magazines are all InDesign’s speciality.  Hi-res images which have been edited in Photoshop (see previous post) can easily be imported to InDesign for use in your finished, hi-res design.

Professional designers will admit it’s pretty impossible to master everything that InDesign can actually do, especially as regular updates mean more and more features being added.  But with years of experience and professional training, it’s always a good thing to utilise skills of the experts whenever you can.

Your designer will be able to answer all your ‘What is InDesign’ related questions in depth and will know exactly which Adobe programme is the correct one to use for your job – leave it to the professionals to create high quality artwork!

What is InDesign’s place in print?

Designs which are professionally created  using InDesign and saved to a hi-res format are suitable for use in print.  Artwork which is created in InDesgn is set up perfectly for high quality professional print, it comes into its own for items such as brochures, magazines or posters.  By using images from Photoshop with their InDesign artwork, the designer is able to create an overall hi-res design that will print to a very high quality.

There is a huge difference in professional print and desktop printing, but it all starts with good quality artwork.

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