What is Digital Print?

Digital print is, put simply, taking a digital image from a computer and printing it out using our specialist digital print equipment.

Digital print requires the know-how of a Graphic Designer who uses the correct software to create your image.  Your image is then sent on to us to be professionally printed.

We have the added benefit of our own in-house Graphic Designers who are always on hand to help.  With their expert knowledge of the design and print industry, they make the whole process from design to delivery seamless.

The digital print process also eliminates the need for us to make plates and therefore also eliminates set up costs, making small runs a reality.  This is because the cost to print is almost the same per page from an order quantity of 1+ (subject to a minimum spend).

Another added benefit of digital print is the capability to print variable data ie. different information on each page printed.  This is especially useful in cases where address or serial numbers are required.

So, digital print really does offer very real value for money on small runs and small sizes (A3 or smaller).


How do I Know When to Use Digital Print?

We, as your commercial printer will always advice you on the print process which is perfect for your job, based on a specific set of criteria:

  • Size of item to be printed
  • Type of item to be printed
  • How many to be printed in total
  • Is variable data required

These criteria help us to determine which method of print will be most cost effective for your job, and of course ensure we are providing you with the most competitive price.


What is Commonly Printed Using Digital Print?

Digital print is used to print a wide variety of products, some of which include:

  • Business Cards
  • Letter Heads
  • Compliments Slips
  • Leaflets
  • Posters
  • Post Cards

Examples of Digital Print:

A5 leaflet commercially printed using digital print by AC Print Ltd Torbay, nr Exeter Compliments slip commercially printed using digital print by AC Print Ltd near Torquay Business Cards commercial print using digital printer by AC Print Ltd Yalberton Industrial Estate Paignton Letterheads and double sided business cards commercially printed using digital print by AC Print Ltd South Devon


How Can Digital Print Benefit Me and My Business?

Digital print enables businesses to order smaller quantities at competitive prices.  This means that rather than having to order 1000 units to make it cost effective, you can now order from as little as 1 copy (depending on item to be printed) and save yourself £££.

Digital print also offers a fast turnaround, so your print can be delivered to you quicker than before, getting your promotion seen by the right people, faster!

And, if you require something a little less straight forward, such as numbering, serial codes or addresses, digital print allows us to alter the print on each page



In summary, digital print is a type of professional print that takes a digital image straight from the computer to print, without the need of setting up plates.  Eliminating plates eliminates excessive costs on small runs, making orders from as little as 1 completely viable.

Digital print has the capability to print variable data which makes ordering print with serial numbers, different addresses or different designs highly cost effective.  And with fast turn around you can get your print in the hands of your customers much quicker.

You will usually require a Graphic Designer to set up your artwork using their specialist software – we have very talented in-house Graphic Designers ready to help you when needed if you don’t already have your own.

Call us today to talk about your ideas and we will advice on you on the most time and cost effective way to achieve your goals.


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