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Printing is a success story over 700 years in the making (see our previous article ).  There is no escaping that it is a long standing, innovative and developing industry that only seems to have grown stronger through time.  And as long as people can read, there will be print.

Do You Invest In Printing For Your Business Success?

Despite the influence of printing, it’s undeniable that most business marketing plans are centred around social media.  However, those who are truely successful embrace social media and support it across as many relevant platforms as they can – newsletters (emailed and printed), direct mail, advertising, radio, point of sale to name but a few.

They do this to ensure the person they want to do business with sees their message in as many places as possible throughout their day.  This ensures they recall the message when they are ready to spend.  Had they only seen them once on social media, chances are they would have been forgotten by the time they had switched off their computer.

How Printing Drives Social Media

Printing can also be used to help you grow your social media following, for example:

  • Add social media icons to your business cards
  • Add social media icons to you customer loyalty cards
  • Put posters up in your shop telling people to find you online
  • Put compliments slips in with customer’s orders telling them of special offers they can receive by liking your page

Print helps you reach people in areas of their life that social media can’t, and don’t forget there are still those who aren’t even on social media, or aren’t on there that often…

Printing Success

This is why you MUST ensure printing is included when you are planning your marketing promotions for your business, if you want to maximise the money you can make from it.  Of course the digital world cannot be ignored, but it really is only half of the story.  The digital and printed world work incredibly well when they walk hand in hand, each complimenting the other.

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