You might think this is a bit of an odd post for a commercial printer to be blogging about – but bear with us – we’re about to let you into a few insider tips to help you make the most of your budget and save some money in the process…

 1. If you’ve lots to order, such as business cards, letterheads & compliments slips, order them all together.

Ordering multiple items together makes all the processes quicker for your printer.  It allows them to book your jobs in at the same time and save you money as they can all be printed, finished and delivered together.

 2. Consider size vs quantity.

If you’re ordering 10 posters, going A3 rather than A2 will save you a small fortune.  This is because A3 Posters can be printed digitally, however A2 Posters are printed Lithographically.  With Lithographic print there are set up costs due to having to produce plates for the machine, this works out much cheaper than digital if you’re ordering a lot (ie 500+ posters), however for 10 the set up costs make it an expensive order.  So if you can go A3 instead, you’ll save yourself somewhere in the region of 90% !!!

3. If you intend to collect your order from the printer, tell them!

When you ask for your quote, tell your printer you intend to collect as they’ll likely automatically include a delivery charge in your quote otherwise, as they’ll assume you need it delivering.

4. Can you save by ordering more?

There are price breaks that come with ordering certain quantities, sometimes you can pay mere pounds more for double the quantity, this is because on some items when you reach a certain level you’re really only paying for the extra paper as the set up costs become so small per unit.  Asking for details of the next price break can be a great hack IF you had intended to order more in the future.   BUT, you really need to consider if you are realistically going to use the extra, if the answer is no then those few extra pounds could just be wasted and you’ll end up with boxes full of things you don’t know what to do with.

5. Ask your printer if they can deal with your artwork.

Most commercial printers have their own in-house designers who can create or alter your artwork before print if needed.  This is a brilliant hack if for example you print flyers with the same artwork, but just want the text changing, or if you have business card artwork and want compliments slips to match – your printer can do this for you rather than having to keep paying out to a design agency.  They will most likely be considerably cheaper too.   That said, if your design is more complicated or a totally new brief, using your usual design agency will most likely get you the best results creatively as they are under the skin of your brand – you can then brief your printer to use this as lead artwork to create additional pieces you may need (ie flyers or posters).




Written by:

Joanne Holloway




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