We’re incredibly excited to tell you that our new machine, the Horizon Crossfolder AFC – 566AKT, has arrived, has been fully installed and tested, and after drawing sticks to see who gets to use it first (Andy won!), is now up and running…

Horizon Crossfolder AFC - 566AKT at AC Print Ltd, Paignton

You know you’ve met a bunch of print geeks when they’re getting all over-excited about a piece of new machinery!

So, what is this new Horizon Crossfolder?

The Horizon Crossfolder AFC – 566AKT is a machine which takes a printed sheet of paper and folds it into almost any kind of leaflet or brochure you could dream of, with the added benefit of being able to offer perforation.  Perfect for anything folded such as leaflets and brochures, and anything requiring perforation.  Watch the video here.

How does this benefit me?

Very simply, our new machine allows us to ‘finish’ far more jobs in-house, making turnaround times quicker without increasing costs.

It also demonstrates our continued commitment to investing in our business, keeping us at the forefront of the print industry in the South West.  There’s no-one else quite like us!

Here’s the science bit…

  • 17 different fold options at the touch of the LCD screen
  • Semi-automated setup
  • Perforation – perfect for money off vouchers or tickets
  • Tri-Scoring – for thicker materials ie card, tri-scoring enables a fold without cracking the print
  • Memorises job settings for even quicker setup on repeat orders
  • Processes up to 230 metres of paper per MINUTE – now that’s fast!
  • Superior and increased fold quality and accuracy, for a consistent professional finish

Can I have a go?

Er, no – sorry!  You need to undergo full training before being let lose on it – best left to the professionals!

Don’t forget, we also have a separate Duplo booklet maker and collator (more on that here), for folding and stitching printed sheets, so we can finish booklets and magazines in-house too.  Is there anything you can’t do we hear you ask…make a decent cuppa apparently!

Contact our #PrintGeeks

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0800 093 2960

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