Direct Mail is a form of communication between business/organisation and customer.  The business/organisation will have a bulk list of customers they wish to contact and will do this by posting them a letter/pack of information, generally used for marketing purposes to encourage them to get in contact or buy a product or service.

Direct Mail allows businesses to target specific customer types for each marketing campaign.  For example a magazine may wish to contact all the customers coming to the end of their subscription in the next month, encouraging them to re-subscribe.  This can be done effectively through the use of Direct Mail.  They would then repeat this campaign every month, each time targeting customers whose subscriptions are due to expire in the next month.

In targeting specific customer types, businesses are able to manage multiple marketing campaigns at the same time.  In the earlier example of the magazine, they may wish to contact all customers whose subscriptions are coming to an end at the same time as contacting people whose subscription has already expired, encouraging them to re-sign up.  Both campaigns can be run simultaneously, targeting the different customer types with a different Direct Mail pack.

Typically, businesses have a customer database that they can draw on for the information they need such as names and addresses, however if required, lists can be purchased through reputable companies by selecting certain data parameters ie all 25-40 year old males living in Torquay and interested in football.  These lists would need to be purchased and there would be restrictions on their usage depending on your needs, for example single use or multiple use within 12 months of purchase.


If you are considering purchasing data, we can’t stress enough the importance of using a reputable UK based company (assuming if you’re reading this, that you are based in the UK!), compliant with the Data Protection Act, and who keep their lists up to date on a regular basis.  If you’re unsure where to start, Royal Mail are but one company who are able to do this, and being Royal Mail you can be sure they are fully compliant to the Data Protection Act and giving you as accurate data as possible, click here to find out more. 


There are many benefits of Direct Mail such as:
·        Reduced postage costs when using a printer with Direct Mail facilities, significantly reducing the cost of your campaign
·        Multiple items can be packed into an envelope such as letter, brochure, price list, window sticker etc depending on your campaign
·        Large runs can be turned around extremely quickly vs traditional hand stuffing methods
·        Cost effective for both small and large businesses where a large number of customers can be reached for minimal cost


Once production commences on our Neopost DS200, we can pack, frank and despatch up to 4800 envelopes per hour!   These would be collected by Royal Mail on the same day for efficient delivery.


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