What happens when you combine direct mail and digital by AC Print Ltd South Devon *WARNING* SURPRISING RESULTS AHEAD!

We have been talking about the importance of ‘cross-media marketing’ for years (to you or I that means taking what you’re marketing and showing it off in as many different ways and places as possible).

Working both real world, physical marketing (ie. print, magazine adverts, outdoor advertising etc) with digital marketing is the recipe for success.

Reaching as many of your ‘targeted audience’ as possible, in multiple ways is the ultimate goal. A regular reminder of what you have to offer is the most effective way to turn your prospects into customers (provided what you’re selling is relevant to them).


So how can YOU do this, easily?


1. Include a range of ways to get your marketing message to your target audience, a handful of different ways is a very good start. Here are some of our favourites:

  • Direct Mail – with open rates and conversions that e-mail can only dream of, it’s number 1 on our list
  • Social Media – whichever platform(s) you regularly use for your business
  • Outdoor advertising – think bus stops, bill boards, banners, buses, signs outside your shop, anywhere with high visibility to a large volume of passing people
  • E-newsletters – email your contact database
  • Radio Ads – when done regularly, can offer great results for B2C businesses – as we speak I’ve go a local taxi company’s jingle going round in my head!
  • Magazine / Newspaper Ads – select a publication that’s targeted to the people you want to reach


2. Next, create a calendar so you can plot when you will use each marketing option.

Consider if you want to have an ‘all at once’ approach to provide immediate impact, or if it would work better for your business, your target audience and your marketing campaign to stagger each option so that your marketing lasts over weeks or even months to provide a drip feed of results.

Remember: options like Direct Mail can take a bit longer to execute, as delivery can take a few days.


3. Make it happen!

  • Instruct your Graphic Designer to get to work on your design. A bit of clever thinking here and you could use the same design across nearly every marketing option you use. Your direct mail design could easily be uploaded to social media, your e-newsetter and more, without any editing required
  • Keep everyone in the loop from your Graphic designer to your direct mail printer to your advertising agency. By making sure everyone knows what you’re planning to do and when, you can ensure they all have put aside the time to work for you – so no more hold ups
  • Know your plan inside out, schedule everything to happen on time and check it’s gone live when it’s supposed to
  • Monitor your results and tweak as you go along if necessary


Don’t listen to us though

Read this article from Econsltancy – their experiment into combining direct mail with digital/social gives you a real life flavour of how direct mail works to support other marketing options.

Here’s a little spoiler: it’s incredibly successful!

Be inspired to follow in their footsteps for bigger and better results from your marketing and do let us know about your successes!

We’ll leave you with our favourite quote from the article:

On your 100th birthday you’d be disapointed if the Queen only sent you an email – Nik Roope


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