We’ve made a film!  Yes, that’s right, we have made a film.  And we’re very excited about it!


Ok, maybe we’re using the term ‘film’ in the loosest sense of the word.  And maybe when we say we made it, we mean we let the professionals from MGV Productions get on with it.  BUT we were definitely in it.  We came up with the concept.  And we loved every second of it!


Our little film is an e-video we have made for Xmas 2012, instead of the traditional posted Xmas card.  Well you know us, we love to think outside of box!  We’re all in it, all 12 of us, see if you can spot us all, and guess which one of us dressed up as Father Christmas!


We will be emailing it out to all our clients and posting it to our facebook page in December, and we hope you chuckle watching it as much as we did making it! 




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