1 Month Until ChristmasToday is 25th November 2014.

That means that today it is 1 month until Christmas day.  29 shopping days. 22 business days until Royal Mail can’t guarantee a pre-xmas delivery.  20 working days.  4 weekends.

However I put this it isn’t helping…It’s nearly here and we have not a single present bought or wrapped!

In our defence, we’ve been rushed off our feet printing, finishing, packing and delivering lots of Christmas goodies for companies around Torbay, South Devon and beyond.

If you receive a corporate Christmas card this year, we could have printed it.  If you receive a corporate calendar this year, we could have printed it.  If you receive our company Christmas card or calendar this year, we definitely printed it!  We have been busy!!

It’s not too late to order your corporate Christmas print, call or email us today and we can get everything designed, printed and delivered to your customer database before the big day!


Telephone  0800 093 2960

Email           [email protected]





Photo Credit: Jamie In Bytown via Compfight cc


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