AC Print Ltd South Devon Top 3 Direct Mail Marketing Trends 2016

Here are our key 3 of the top 7 direct mail marketing trends ahead of 2016 (read the full article here by Smart Marketing Strategy).

Get a head start today by discovering these direct mail marketing trends before your competition and watch your business enjoy a booming start to the new year!


1. Oversized Mailings

Direct mail marketing that is oddly sized and that is purposely designed to stand out from the pile of mail we’re oh so used to receiving through our letterboxes is the new trend of 2016.

If you think about it, it really makes complete sense.  By creating stand-out from the moment we pick up our post guarantees engagement – before we even know who it’s from or what it is.

There are two absolute key things to remember here though:

  1. It will increase your print costs, delivery charges and therefore overall campaign budget (though you could offset this by taking note of top tip no.3).  However if it results in more sales conversions (ie greater ROI) then boom, you’re actual spend per conversion will reduce.
  2. Check it will still fit through a standard mailbox.  There is no-one on earth who will thank you for sending them down to the delivery depot when they’ve  had a hard day at work to collect your direct mail marketing.  It could do you far more harm than good an in fact see the success of your direct mail marketing campaign plummet.


2. Soft Touch Varnish

By giving your direct mail marketing a tactile element, you’re creating something that wants to be touched, to be held onto.  This creates engagement and increases the chances of your direct mail marketing being read for a longer time.  Which could lead you right to higher sales conversions as people take in more of what you’re saying to them instead of scan reading it.

It doesn’t need to be just soft touch varnish, we have a variety of finishes available and can talk you through your options.  We have samples we can send for you to select from – probably the best way of judging what will work for you is your reaction when you get the samples in the post!


3. Highly Targeted Mailings

Targeted marketing has been a big trend across the board for 2016, already largely discussed as a significant factor in successful e-newsletter marketing during 2015.

Applying targeted marketing to your direct mail marketing campaign is a really effective way of spending your budget.  

It will mean sending out fewer mailings (not something you expect your print supplier to be telling you!) as you’re ONLY sending them to people who will be interested in that particular product/service you are offering in this particular piece of direct mail marketing.  Adding personalisation is crucial too as it helps design a mailing that is tailored to the customer.

Seeing only what interests then + making them feel valued = higher chance of buying

So, spend less on your campaign and make a greater return on your investment by focusing on targeted marketing on your next direct mail marketing campaign.

If you want to really go all out in 2016, why not run multiple campaigns at once, sending a tailored direct mail marketing campaign to each sector of your customer database.  This way you’re still reaching every customer with direct mail marketing, but you’re increasing conversions as you’re showing the right products/services to the right people.

Don’t tell anyone we told you, but ordering multiple campaigns at once will save you money with your print supplier vs running the campaigns at separate times.


Take 2016 By Storm

Engagement with your customers and therefore sales from your customers, can be made more successful by:

  • Targeted, personalised marketing centred around what you know will interest your customer
  • Different sizes to the norm, to create stand out from all the other mail your customer receives
  • Tactile marketing such as different textured finishes to appeal to the senses and make it something to keep hold of

Harnessing these trends in direct mail marketing during 2016 will help you increase your return on investment, whilst positioning yourself as a company that people actually WANT to hear from as they know your communication will be worth their time.


Don’t forget you can read the full article here by Smart Marketing Strategy on their top 7 direct mail marketing trends for 2016.


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