***Breaking News***
A real life event worthy of scriptwriters for any superhero comic transpired just over a week ago while we were working on erecting the fascias and signage we have printed for Smugglers Story on Brixham harbourside….

A man had been working away in the harbour on his boat whilst the tide was out (not an uncommon practice in Brixham), wearing a pair of waders, as you would expect.  The tide came in quite fast, filling up the harbour, so he hopped in his dinghy to get back to dry land….  But, the dinghy capsized throwing the man into the harbour and before he knew it his waders were filling up with water and dragging him under.

AC Print’s very own superhero, Jake, our large format print specialist, heard the man’s shouts and instinctively jumped in to fish him out – saving his life!

We are very pleased to report that thanks to Jake’s bravery, the man is safe and well and has made a full recovery from his ordeal.  We’re very proud of Jake, and in honour of his bravery he has been exempt from make the tea round all week!  It doesn’t seem that we’re the only ones singing Jake’s praises, the Herald Express have been in contact and interviewed him – so keep your eyes peeled to see if he features in this week’s paper!

Now you know, when we say we go the extra mile for our customers, we really do!


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