Well we’re right in the middle of summer.  Apparently.  Not sure myself to be honest as we seem to have had as many days wet here as dry.  Not that it’s dampened our spirits any, as we all work indoors a little rain doesn’t really affect us – but sunshine definately makes us all a bit happier!

We’ve done some work recently for a few festivals and events going on through the summer holidays and to be fair, rain or shine, wellies or flip-flops, you know we’ll be there enjoying ourselves.  It’s definately one of the perks of the job that we get a sneak preview of everything that’s going on as we’re printing out the tickets, posters, flyers and banners for each event.  It certainly makes you realise exactly how much is going on in the area and gets us all excited about it!  We can say for sure that there’s lots in store, and keep your eyes peeled as the chances are, if you see a poster, flyer or banner promoting event, we printed it!


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