Well, the summer holidays arrive this week for many people, and for the self employed, small businesses and people who work-from-home it can definately be a struggle fitting everything in around keeping the kids entertained.  There are some pro’s to the summer holidays, for example the commute to work is much quicker!!  But getting into Asda to buy a sandwich at lunch becomes more of a challenge!  And of course finding the time to get everything done and be on top of work, whilst juggling the demands of a family can create an emotional struggle too, always feeling you’re never quite committing yourself enough one way or the other.


As always, here at AC Print, we will do as much as we can for every client, to ensure every job runs smoothly and on time.  Every day we see the extra pressure the summer holidays can cause with fewer hours to get things done, but still the same work needing to be completed.   We can help lighten the load, and like to make your life as easy as possible (well, when it comes to print anyway, I’m not sure we’re quite in the position to send some-one round to do the cleaning for you!), and there’s a number of things we can do to make your job easier.


Did you know we can:

  • Provide a full artwork service
  • Do all those little artwork tweaks that Graphic Design agencies just don’t have the time for, to get your job to print that bit quicker
  • Deliver direct to your customer database
  • Deliver direct to your customers under plain cover – saving you time and money on having to handle the delivery
  • Provide a sourcing and kit packing service if you need other items to go out with your printed materials
  • Provide advice on the best materials to use for your job and suggest items you may not have considered
  • Advice on when best to use Digital print, Litho print or Large Format print to make the job most cost effective


And, if it’s not on the list, it just means we haven’t been asked to do it yet – not that we can’t, we’re always up for a challenge and from the reactions of our customers, we can pretty safely say that we’re keeping them happy!



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