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Telemarketing has long been the backbone of many a marketing plan.  And rightly so.  From entrepreneurs through to the big multi-nationals, telemarketing provides a consistent drip feed of new leads.

With decades of proven success it’s understandable why many businesses use telemarketing as their core marketing method in order to drive sales.  As the saying goes:

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.  

But what if there were a way that you could get much, much more from your telemarketing activity?  And I’m talking about increasing your ROI, sales, profits…


Do Your Research

We recently came across this really interesting article from Prospect Research.  If you’re interested in how you can use other marketing methods in conjunction with your existing marketing plan, to really give your business a boost, you need to read it.

The author, Natalie Coe, explains how she has been working with her clients to use Telemarketing in conjunction with Direct Mail to boost the success of both.  Her simple, 3 step approach is proving itself with results, here’s what she has to say:

the companies [being] aware of the brand, the services provided and case studies of how it’s worked for similar business in the past. The companies then expect the call, and have targeted questions, which allows the lead to be highly qualified and when the sales rep goes for a meeting, the potential to close is greater.” – Kathryn, Account Manager for the Private Sector.


Formulate Your Bullet Proof Plan

Planning is your key to success here.  Your plan should work around a cycle of activity, with each element elevating your business one step further in the mind of the customer.


Step 1:

Decide what, in a perfect world, you WANT to do to market your business around your telemarketing activity.  Here are some really effective ideas, feel free to use them all –

  • Direct mail
  • Radio advertising
  • Outdoor advertising
  • Social media campaign
  • Social media advertising


Step 2:

Now look at what you can afford to do within YOUR budget and select the options that offer you the biggest bang for your buck!!  BUT look at this carefully and be sure to give it thorough examination, as looks can often be deceiving….

What you need to work with are options that will help you reach the most people within YOUR target market.  This means the most amount of people who your product/services will benefit and therefore the most amount of people who are likely to buy from you.  This is vastly different to the overall number of people you could reach.

For example, you could reach over 40k people on local radio.  That’s a phenomenal amount of people hearing your jingle all week long.  Wow!  Instant fame!

BUT how many of those people are within YOUR target market ie. likely to buy from YOU?  This all depends on your unique business and is a question the sales people at the station can best answer for you.  This figure is the money figure.  If 50% of those listeners fall into your target market you know you are onto a winner.  But if only 5% are, how do you feel about spending all that money to reach just 2000  people?


Is There a Better Way?

Could another option be a better solution for you?  With Direct Mail being opened by 72%* of recipients – all of whom have come from a targeted database, could this be a more successful way forward?  With a database of 40k people to send your Direct Mail to, that’s 28,800 targeted people engaging with you.  Can other marketing methods offer you this kind of result?



Step 3:

Make a marketing calendar.  Plot your activity on your calendar so the right people are seeing your marketing at the right time.  Think about what should be done and when, but most importantly – why?  Print it out and put it in a very visible place either on or close to your desk.

This article from DMA will really help you get an idea of what to do and when.  Their simple 3 step plan is easy to follow and works.  It can be built on using other elements of marketing, such as using social media as an additional way to reach your target market effectively.

If your target market are highly active on twitter for example, is this another way to drive forward??  An interesting option given the freedom to test the water with a low investment of mere pounds, that can be topped up later if it proves to be working, or easily changed if it’s not.

Your calendar could look something like this:

  • Week 1 – initial telemarketing call to target prospects.  Follow up by sending them direct mail.
  • Week 2 – follow-up telemarketing call to discuss the direct mail and set an appointment.  Outreach on social media (like their pages, comment on their posts – converse!).
  • Week 3 – social media campaign linked to the topic of your direct mail.  Meeting from above appointment.
  • Week 4 – follow-up telemarketing call to discuss the outcome of your meeting and any quotes you have sent over.
  • Week 5 – outdoor campaign – catch those prospects on their way to and from work every day to remind them to work with you.


Do it!  Make it Happen!  Start Right Now!

Go! Go ! Go!  Research, plan and then execute – the execution is the part most people find the hardest.  Forget about failure, if one element of your plan isn’t giving you the success you anticipated, learn from it.  Tweak your plan and use this knowledge for next time to make your next campaign an even bigger success.

If you don’t try, you cannot grow – and growth is exactly what it’s all about.


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*Source: This article from Royal Mail


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