This is our super quick reference guide to SRA paper sizes.  Feel free to print it, bookmark it and share away – above all else, utilise it for your next design, print,marketing, advertising or promotional work.

At the bottom we’ve even included a really simple infographic for you – click on it to be taken to our Pinterest sales & marketing hub where you can discover more of our useful guides.

What are SRA Paper Sizes?

SRA paper sizes are the size of the paper which gets printed before it is trimmed and finished.  It includes a bleed area and trim marks which get cut or ‘trimmed’ off to ensure the finished item doesn’t have any white edges.

The finished / trimmed paper is then regarded in ‘A’ sizing.  For example: SRA3 gets printed then trimmed down to A3 size.

The AC Print Ltd Guide to SRA Paper Sizes:


W: 900mm  x  L: 1280mm


W: 640mm  x  L: 900mm


W: 450mm  x  L: 640mm


W: 320mm  x  L: 450mm


W: 225mm  x  L: 320mm

Pinnable Infographic

We’ve also created this handy SRA paper sizes pinnable infographic for you – we can’t make it any easier than that!!

Our Quick Guide To SRA Paper Sizes by AC Print Ltd UK

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