Why Do I Need Professional Print?

When you need print for your office stationery, marketing or sales promotion, or for an exhibit, it has to be professional print by a trusted commercial printer.

High quality professional print showcases your business in a whole new light and projects the image of your company that you want your customers and prospects to take away. So, if you want to be seen as a quality, reliable and reputable business, your print should reflect that.

How Do I Find a Trusted Professional Print Company

It helps if you can work with a professional print company who are fairly close geographically to you as it gives you the opportunity to walk into their HQ and see everything in action. But, this isn’t essential as any professional print company will be more than happy to supply you with samples of their work. Samples allow you to see the sort of quality they are used to printing, and the types of clients they already work with.

Once you’ve seen samples, discuss your needs with your printer and ask them to come back with quotes. You can even ask them to suggest items that you may not have looked at but that would work really well for you – for example if you’re running a sales promotion adding an outdoor banner to your promotion will help give you high impact and visibility.

In this digital age, reviews should also be easily visible on their website and social media pages so it’s always worth having a look here. This gives you an easy way to see what their customers really think!

When you’re ready to go to print your printer should provide you with a digital proof to sign off before your order is printed. If it’s your first order you could also ask for a printed proof too so you can check that you’re happy with the quality before the whole job is printed.

How To Make The Most From Professional Print

Building a relationship with your printer will pay dividends in the long run. Your printer will have a wealth of knowledge they can extend far beyond your business cards and letterheads, but to your marketing campaign and even exhibition stands.

It’s always worth talking to your printer about your print needs and projects in the planning stages, as they may suggest things which could give it a whole new angle and open new opportunities for you.

After all, they will have printed so much for so many different companies across a whole range of business sectors, that they will know the trends, what has worked well and what hasn’t. This is free expertise you can draw on so make the most of it!

Not Sure How To Get Started?

That’s where we come in! We’re always here to help so contact us either in person, by phone or email and we will be more than happy to discuss your ideas with you. We even have our own in-house Graphic Designers who can help with your design work too, so from start to finish we make the whole project easy.

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