OK hands up:  I’ve been saying for years that for the Self Storage industry, printed material doesn’t work…

You can’t convince someone they need storage until they finally trip over the bike in the hallway enough times for them to get annoyed about it or the house sale they have been planning for months falls through at the last minute.  Advertising to businesses tends to be more about relationship building and offering support to those around us to build on the Quickstore brand and image.

We’re a panic buy.  We’re not needed until we’re needed but then people tend to see the usefulness and come back time and time again.

For me, advertising is about being in the right place at the right time and more and more that means using the Internet.  Whatever you put on there is there forever and easily found should ever we be required.

And here comes the but…

But looking around the other day I realised that we use more print marketing material than I ever thought.   From basic print marketing staples such as posters keeping our customers informed of the latest news, to business cards and pull up banners for promoting ourselves at networking events.  And even the signage on our building is a form of print marketing.

All these things have been meticulously planned and analysed to give the right image of the business and draw attention to what we do.

Then we have the boxes we sell, fully logoed up and ready to promote us all over the county and country as people move house or (more and more often) send parcels out from online sales.

You can have all the planning in the world but without a decent quality of print it would all mean nothing as your colour comes out slightly lighter or darker than planned or the font doesn’t quite match leaving your marketing looking disjointed and messy.

So now I ask myself the question:

“Does print advertising work for me?”

And the answer has to be Yes.  Not in the side of the road poster campaign kind of way.  Or the sending out a thousand flyers to businesses across the county.  But in a more subtle way.

By using print effectively we are able to promote the personality of the brand.  And by giving our customers something to hand  to their friends and strengthen our word of mouth advertising.  And there is nothing stronger than that.

Self Storage and Print Marketing

Many thanks to Martin from Quickstore in Torquay for writing this week’s guest blog post!  We look forward to working together again in the future.

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