Will is our very own apprentice, studying Graphic Design at Plymouth University whilst teaching himself Computer 3D Modelling.  Will got into the print industry when, in his own words (and with a giggle),  ‘two brummies talked me into making press plates for them during the day whilst I was working at Brixham Yacht Club as a dish washer, and they just haven’t let me leave yet!’   That was 4 years ago, and since he started with AC Print, Will’s career has gone from strength to strength.

Will has used the skills he has learnt as our apprentice to volunteer his spare time to produce all of the graphics work for motorcycling charity BMAD (Bikers make a Difference) who raise money for lots of charities around Torbay, including those for sick and disabled children, which we’re very proud of.  Will is a keen motorcyclist himself, having been riding since the age of 16 when he owned ‘an awesome Vespa’.

Will loves his job, getting to work on many interesting local and national design projects and says his favourite parts about the job are his lunch break (he is a cheeky chap!) and making his customers happy.

As with all of us here at AC Print, we’ve each got a funny story to tell, and Will is no exception.  A few years ago, he designed a business card for a company but accidentally put the wrong phone number on.  They signed off the proof but did not notice the error and the job went to print… Derek then phoned the number on the card to let the customer know the job was ready, and Will’s mum answered the phone!!  It turns out he had put his parent’s phone number on it, instead of the number they supplied – woops!  Luckily Derek realised before the business cards left the building, so Will was able to out the number right and re-print the cards – few!




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