Steve is our chief Graphic Designer, responsible for such masterpieces as the Babbacombe Theatre posters you will often see around the bay. You can see much of his handywork exhibited on our very own facebook page. Steve has an exceptional creative flair and is obsessed with producing the perfect design for every client. Creating a complex 32page brochure is all in a days work to Steve, nothing seems to be too testing for him, having been in the industry since the tender age of 16. 24 years later, his experience is exceptional.

Steve started his career working for Bendles Print on the printing press and in the pre-press department, long before the days of CTP and Digital Print. He moved to AC Print 7 years ago when we took over the Bendles Print staff and client base. He says he really enjoys working on the Babbacombe Theatre artwork as it’s always such a pleasure working with Sharon and Colin, giving him a base idea to then let loose on (they do tend to praise him now and again too!), and his main faux pas came years ago, before his AC Print days, when he put ‘pubic’ instead of ‘public’ on a church magazine…which then went to print! Ooops!

As seems to be the theme with the staff here at AC Print, Steve enjoys an active lifestyle outside of work, playing for a local veterans football team (and as he tells it, he could’ve played at a higher level, if he had tried!) and the odd game of squash. Relaxing time is spent strolling around the grounds of Bovey Castle watching the Birds of Prey and enjoying a leisurely afternoon tea (as long as there’s no football on the TV!). Steve loves watching his beloved Manchester City play, and has asked us to quote that ‘I am not a glory supporter, I have been with them since the dark days of league 2’. Well that clears that up!

Steve’s other love in his life is his Mac computer (apart from the obvious partner, son, family and friends of course!) and he won’t have a word said against it, he is into everything apple (apart from the healthy snack variety, although he does like a drop of cider!) not even put off that his little boy can beat him on Angry Birds! Steve also believes that the king of all biscuits is the dark chocolate digestive…really?? We thought everyone knew it was the Hobnob!


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