Jo is our Marketing Manager, in charge of everything with the name AC Print on it that you may come into contact with.  She is in charge of our entire marketing plan: facebook and twitter accounts, blog (yes I’m writing in the third person!), email activity, direct mail activity, radio advertising, press releases, awards entries, competitions, customer surveys, tradeshow activity and lots of wacky off the wall ideas that we tend to have to reign her in on!  As you can see we don’t like to give her too much to do.

If you saw our Xmas e-video, Jo was the one dressed as Mrs Claus and has already got some ‘interesting’ ideas for this year’s e-video…do you think anyone will really believe Rudolph was born and raised on Dartmoor…???  We’ll see how that story pans out!

When Jo’s not got her head in Marketing mode, she heads for the waves and jumps on her surfboard, fearless of the odd 6ft wave.  But don’t be fooled, she might love to surf, but she has yet to be seen stood up on a board for longer than 5 seconds!



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