Andy Payne, Shirley to his friends, is the 2nd of our 4 directors that we have introduced you to.  Andy is in charge of running the studio, the entire pre-press section of AC Print, from artwork through to CTP, large format and digital.  He works with big clients such as Wonderbra, Playtex, WKD and Emcas.  Andy has been a director here at AC Print for over 12 years, having previously worked for himself running a highly successful Graphic Design company named GRAFX.  Andy puts his experience of working for himself down as his main strength as he is accustomed to putting his hand to all areas of business.

Some of Andy’s most intersting jobs, it has to be said, come from Wonderbra!  In fact, for some reason, Andy likes to closely oversee everything that we print for them, we’re sure he’s just making sure the print quality is top notch…

Outside of work, Andy likes to keep active by playing tennis and squash and is interested in football, closely following West Bromwich Albion.  He’s also king of the bowling alley, after beating everyone else in the team to claim the title of ‘Beat The Boss’ at our recent bowling night… Though we’re not convinced this is really fair, as he is one of the bosses!!

When interviewing Andy for inspiration for this blog post, he was asked why he thinks our customers love working with us.  His response… ‘Because of me’.  Need we say any more?!




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