As you’re reading this post you likely have some interest in finding out more about lithographic print, what it is and if it can be of benefit to your business.  In this post we’ll first discuss the basics of what lithographic print means, then look at examples of lithographic print in action and how this can work as part of your next promotion to create a big impact.

Lithographic print in a nutshell

Lithographic print is the name used for a specific type of professional commercial print usually used for large print runs (500+ units).

It works on the theory of oil and water repelling one-another, so they can be used to dictate where ink will print on the paper and where it wont.  Each sheet will go through sets of ink in order to complete the ‘process’.  Here at AC Print Ltd we are also able to offer specialist inks such as metallics and pantone matched colours.

Lithographic print uses plates to create the initial image which will be transferred to the paper via the print process described above.  Our plates are created using the Kodak Sonara process-less plate which is completely chemical free.  This is better for us and better for the environment, all whilst producing a better quality plate image – making it better for our customers too!

Why lithographic print works so well

Lithographic print allows large runs to be printed very, very quickly.  In fact our own 5 colour Komori Press can print up to 15,000 SRA2 sheets in an hour on a wide range of materials and weights.  This is perfect for printing items such as magazines, brochures and posters which are usually required in high volumes and with a quick turnaround time and low cost.

Using lithographic print also offers accurate colour reproduction including pantone matching to ensure brand colours are consistent across every print run.  This gives brands peace of mind where brand colours are are of high importance.

Examples of Lithographic Print

AC Print Ltd Lithogrphic Print Machine In Action nr Teignbridge Spellbound A3 Posters for Babbacombe Theatre Torquay by AC Print Ltd Torbay, Devon Country Life supplement printed using litho print by AC Print Ltd Paignton, Devon nr Plymouth


How do YOU make the most of Lithographic print?

Lithographic print can help you make a big impact.  High volumes allow you to be seen by lots of people and larger print sizes such as A2 posters help give you major stand out.

When you’re thinking about your next print campaign, or even campaign which involves print as an element, have a chat with us and discuss your thoughts.  We’re always happy to help and our nuggets of information often help steer clients into innovative and cost effective avenues that add to their success.


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