What is Litho Print?

Litho print, also known as lithographic print, is the traditional form of professional commercial printing.

It is generally used for long runs (ie qtys of 1000+)as there are set up costs involved in producing ‘plates’ to print the image from.  Producing plates is only cost effective on higher volumes – the paper, ink and running of the press remain at the same cost per page printed, while the cost of the plates will be the same whether you print 1000 or 10,000 copies.

You will often notice that if you request quotes for different quantities of an item to be printed, the unit cost comes down dramatically the more you have printed when we print using litho print. This is why quite often there can only be a few pounds difference in double the order quantity.

Before litho print production, the ‘plates’ are created to go on the machine, which are used similarly to traditional photo negatives, to enable us to transfer a perfect image to the substrate to be printed (generally paper).

Once litho print commences on our 5 colour Komori press, we can print for example, up to 7000 posters an hour or 2 per second! The finished item would have a smooth finish and you wouldn’t see any indentation or edging on the print as with older styles of print.

Upon completion of litho print, the items are taken to the ‘finishing area’ to be trimmed, folded in the case of items such as leaflets, or bound in the case of brochures or magazines.  The litho print products are then packed, labelled and despatched for delivery to the client.


How do I Know When to Use Litho Print?

We, as your commercial printer will always advice you on the print process which is perfect for your job, based on a specific set of criteria:

  • Size of item to be printed
  • Type of item to be printed
  • How many to be printed in total
  • What finishing processes are required

These criteria help us to determine which method of print will be most cost effective for your job, and of course ensure we are providing you with the most competitive price.  Usually we select litho print based on high order volume making it the cheapest option for you.


What is Commonly Printed Using Litho Print?

Litho print is usually used for high runs of items such as:

  • Posters
  • Flyers
  • Brochures
  • Magazines
  • Folders


Examples of Litho Print:

Country Life supplement printed using litho print by AC Print Ltd Paignton, Devon nr Plymouth Zoo News Magazine printed by AC Print Ltd Paignton nr Newton Abbot Zoo News Magazine printed for Paignton Zoo by AC Print Ltd Torbay nr Newton Abbot Spellbound A3 Posters for Babbacombe Theatre Torquay by AC Print Ltd Torbay, Devon



How Can Litho Print Benefit Me and My Business?

There are countless benefits of litho print, some of which are:

  • larger print runs
  • larger sheet size
  • high speed
  • wide range of materials that can be printed on
  • accurate colour reproduction
  • pantone and metallic colours available

In business terms, it means that litho print enables you to order high volumes, print larger sizes OR fit more pages onto a sheet (making your job more cost effective).  Turnaround times are fast and quality remains high.  Pantone matching means protection of your brand colours, making sure that every item we print is spot on.



Litho print is perfect for orders which require high numbers to be printed usually 500-1000+.  Plates are produced which incurs a cost however the more units ordered, the more cost effective this becomes as it is split out across each unit.

Quality is high using litho print, with accurate colour reproduction, pantone matching and metallic inks being used.  Turnaround time is also fast with up to 7000 sheets being printed per hour on our press.

If high quality and high volume is what you are looking for in your print, litho print best fits your needs.

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