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Why Do I Need Direct Mail Print For My Next Campaign???

Direct mail print is single handedly the most effective way of getting your marketing message into the hands of your customers.  It’s a fact that 72% of people open every single item of mail they receive – including direct mail.  This is open rates that digital marketers can only dream of!!!

It’s also a fact that when you use direct mail print AND digital marketing TOGETHER….magic happens!!  Ok maybe not magic, but it certainly does improve the effectiveness (read ROI!!) of your campaign.  So it seems direct mail print and social media are a match made in heaven.

Criteria For A Successful Direct Mail Print Campaign:

So you know you need to be adding direct mail print campaigns to your marketing plan in a big way.  You know in order to boost your campaign you need to work both direct mail and social media together.   But what else makes a successful direct mail print campaign?  We’re glad you asked, because here is our handy checklist:

  • Your address list – spending time making sure that
    • (a) your address list is up to date and tidy (ie all the names, addresses and post codes are in the right columns).
    • (b) you are sending your direct mail print campaign to the right people – it isnt always right to send it to everyone on your list.
  • Define your objectives to help you keep on track with your design and content. Once your campaign goes live you can also use your objectives to help you measure your ROI.
  • Cracking design & content – a successful direct mail campaign ALWAYS has something on offer.
  • Include a call to action – tell your customers what you want them to do.  If they don’t know what you want them to do, and you don’t give them the right information, you won’t make any sales.
  • Make sure your branding and logo are clear and consistent with everything else you do, this is what instantly identifies your company before the customer has even read a single word.
  • Make sure your contact details are easy to spot, bold and clear, there’s nothing more frustrating to a customer than to have to work to find a telephone number.
  • It is worth your time and it is worth your money to get your design and sales copy right.  Listen to your experts too – your designer and your commercial printer will both have experience that you can draw on, so use it!
  • How will you measure your success?  Remember that ROI is not just about how much you made from sales from that campaign, consider also the lifetime value of each new customer.  There are lots of things you can do to help you measure and increase your ROI and future ROI.
  • Consider staggering deliveries so that the increased workload is manageable and sustainable over a longer period.
  • Consider timing when sending out your direct mail campaign.  Time of year / season / key annual events will most likely impact on your success.
  • Using a professional commercial printer / direct mail specialist (like us!) will save time and money – you benefit from our experience and pay less than if you tried to do it yourself – the savings on postage alone are impressive!

Read our previous article here, to look at what makes a successful direct mail print campaign, in more detail.

Head Turning Stats About Direct Mail Print:

  • 72% of people open ALL of their post* – this makes Direct Mail print a tool you can’t afford to miss out on!
  • Email marketing has an average open-rate of up to 25%** (depending on industry sector)
  • Combining direct mail with digital builds on the strength of each*
  • 57% of people say mail makes them feel more valued vs email*
  • 62% of people believe Direct Mail is the best form of Marketing***
  • 70% of people like receiving vouchers in the mail***
  • 72% of people who received Direct Mail made purchases online***
  • 83% of people say Direct Mail is easier to take in than email***
  • 57% of people are more likely to remember a message by Direct Mail***

 How To Make More Of Your Direct Mail Print Campaign Using Digital Media

Once you have the artwork signed off for your direct mail print campaign, it’s time to look at how you can really make it work harder for you through the digital channels you have open to you.  A few ways you can do this are:

  • Send a follow up e-newsletter along the lines of ‘you should have received XYZ from us…’.  Make sure you have a highly visible, clickable link within the e-newsletter for customers to click on if they;re ready to buy.  It might also be worth a follow up e-newsletter a week later, because people are busy and do forget!
  • Post it to your social media profiles such as Facebook and Twitter.  You are now able to target your posts on both of these sites to the people you want to see them, rather than the entire audience.  This can be really handy if the campaign is targeted to a specific portion of your customer base only.  Again make sure you include links to buy from you.  Make sure you post about it on a regular basis as not all of your fans will see your posts, so multiple posts increases the chance of you being seen.  You can also boost your posts to reach a larger, targeted audience.
  • Add it to your blog on your website, with a link for people reading to sign up to your database so they too can receive such exclusive offers.


In summary, direct mail print has a big impact in terms of brand awareness and sales.  It’s hotly tipped as one of the best forms of marketing where the ROI of a good campaign is consistently high.  Something to be considered seriously as a key part of your marketing plans.

People like to receive direct mail print campaigns through their door, with a 72% open rate.  Sales are likely to follow directly, with a large number of people then going online to make their purchase (read: driving web traffic!!).

Working with a direct mail print specialist such as ourselves, allows you tap into years of industry knowledge, and run a whole campaign often for less than the price of standard postage alone!

Direct mail print campaigns are therefore something every company looking to grow should be investing in.

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* Royal Mail

** MailChimp

*** Central Mailing Services


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