We have all heard about Google+.  It’s rapidly becoming more popular, and it seems to be Google’s plan to get EVERYONE to use it by making you sign up to a Google+ account in order to utilize a lot of their facilities…  Which will eventually make them the biggest social media platform…  Clever Google, very clever!!


Are you on it yet?



There is 1 BIG reason why you should be on Google+, and it’s not one of the usual reasons that Marketers love to shout about, no, no, no, far more interesting than that…


It’s because….. Drum roll please… WE ARE NOW ON GOOGLE+ !!!!!!


AC Google+


We’d love to add you to our ‘circles’ so comment on this post with a link to yourself and we will look you up!  And if you’d like to add us, here’s the link:  AC Print Ltd’s Google+ Page


Oh, and we don’t profess to be Google+ Marketing Gurus, so any feedback, hints and tips are always welcome 🙂




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