Hands up who never thought they’d be able to run a print campaign to reach their entire contact database from just 50p per contact?  And who thought it would be your commercial printer telling you how you can do it?

Well, we like to share our knowledge and the success of our clients, so we’re sharing with you two examples of how you can run a highly cost effective print campaign, from just 50p per contact.


The Direct Mail Print Campaign

The most recent of our two case studies consists of a direct mail print campaign.

The client, a large hotel, wanted to boost re-bookings by contacting everyone on their database who had previously stayed with them.  The beauty being that the customer already knew how luxurious the hotel was and what a stunning location they were in – they just needed to be reminded about their luxury escape and given the reason to re-book.

We positioned the print campaign around the holiday theme and put together a high quality double sided postcard, using imagery of the hotel and surrounding area to remind the guests of the luxury break they enjoyed.  A discount was then given on the reverse providing them just the reason they needed to pick up the phone and re-book.

The artwork, print and postage of the entire campaign came in at under 50p per guest on our client’s database – this is cheaper than the postage alone if they’d tried to do it themselves!


Thinking of Running a Direct Mail Print Campaign?

Did you know that according to a Royal Mail survey 70% of people open every single item of post they receive.  Contrast this to the standard 15-25% of people who open their emails and it is easy to see why direct mail is still the winning formula.

But, deliver your direct mail print campaign and follow it up with an email a week or so later…. Open rates increase as customers are already warm to your offer.  Better still action taken by your customers is further increased as the 2nd piece of communication gives the reminder to your customer to take action on your offer.

And the best part….  Once we’ve created the artwork for your direct mail campaign we supply you with the artwork files for free, so you can use this as the artwork for your email.  Simply add the link to book on your website and off you go!


The Point of Sale Pack

Our client wanted to supply their customers with a pack of point of sale to help promote their products in venue.  With national distribution to thousands of customers, they were looking for the most cost efficient option that would offer maximum impact.

The client was able to supply their own artwork and deliver directly to their customers, so we simply needed to put together ideas of what we could print for them and how we could make sure their customer could identify that the pack was from them.

Our solution:

A bespoke, printed envelope (giving them another opportunity to add their marketing message as well as full branding), which included posters, a flyer and wobblers for their customer to use to promote their product.

The client was thrilled at the range of items we were able to include whilst coming in under their budget expectations!


The Conclusion

Neither print campaign started off as a quote for something specific.  They were created from our clients calling us for a bit of advice on something they were thinking of doing – tapping into our industry knowledge.

After discussing with them their objectives, we were able to get creative and put together some exciting solutions for their print campaign.  And they definitely got a lot more for their budget than they ever imagined possible!

Of course every print campaign is different with a lot of variables that can affect your costs, so contact us when you’re next thinking of running a marketing campaign and we will happily look at how we can provide the solution to meet your objectives.


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