Every business needs a professional commercial printer.  Whether it be for business cards & office stationery, a full on print marketing campaign spanning the entire UK, or something somewhere inbetween.

But how do you pick the right commercial printer to work with?   When a simple Google search brings back a whole manner of results near and far and even somewhere out in cyberspace, it can seem a pretty confusing task.

Finding the right professional printer for your business print

Working with the right commercial printer for your business print needs is crucial. 


Our Guide To Finding The RIGHT Commercial Printer For Your Business

There are a range of things you need to look at when working with a new commercial printer.  It really pays to do your research before even picking up the phone.  Visit their website and find as much information as possible, get yourself clued up on what they do and how.

Things to consider:

  1. What will you need printing?
    • Can 1 commercial printer print everything for you or will you need to go to  a couple of different specialist printers?
    • Look for a commercial printer who can print lithographic, digital, large format and direct mail all under 1 roof.
  2. Is location important?
    • Do you need a commercial printer nearby who you can walk into the office and chat through your print jobs, who has a designer in house who you can sit and chat through design amends?
    • Or can you do this from your office wherever you are but your key concerns are price and turnaround?
    • Neither scenario is better than the other, it’s simply down to personal preference, so consider if location is important to you and if so work around this.
  3. Turnaround times.
    • Ask your printer what their turnaround times are for standard items.  This will help you work out deadlines for artwork to be with your printer in order to get the job delivered on time.
  4. Delivery options.
    • Can your printer offer delivery under plain cover, Royal Mail delivery, courier timed deliveries or collection from their depot?
    • What are your requirements – will you be looking to collect in order to save on delivery fees etc?
  5. In-house designers.
    • Don’t skip this point even if you have your own designer already.  It’s really useful when commercial printers have their own in-house designers to do things like last minute pre-print tweaks or cover when your designer has a sick day.


Road Test…

Once you’ve completed your research it’s time to road test your selected printer.  Start by picking a relatively small job that you need printing and check:

  • You receive a PDF pre-production proof.
  • Ask for a printed pre-production proof as this is your first job with them.
  • Accurate colour matching.
  • Items are turned around in the correct time-frame.
  • Items are delivered to the correct address, on time.
  •  You are happy with their overall service – it’s your first job with them so they should be aiming to impress!

The Result

Now your first print job is complete and you’re happy with the results, you can look forward to building a long term relationship with your commercial printer.


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