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On our, ahem, coffee break today we were having a bit of internet time and stumbled across some eye-watering reading from Buffer.

In this post they look at their decline in social referral traffic by nearly 50%.  Buffer bravely open up about how despite all their industry expertise they don’t have any solid reasons for why this has happened.  A BIG thing to admit for any business, let alone a big player in the digital world.

Their main hypothesis is that social media is now simply saturated with content, with 1.5 million (just take a moment to take that in… 1.5 million!) blog posts being published EVERY DAY on WordPress alone.  Add to that all the status updates, social shares, pictures and funny cat videos, and our news feeds just cannot handle the amount of information in our own little social worlds.

The honest truth is that we just wouldn’t have enough time in the day to read it all.


It’s not just them though is it?

Reading Buffer’s post really got us thinking, we have definitely noticed a change in the way our own social media marketing is working for us over the last year.  In fact the way we do things now is vastly different to the way we did things the year before, and the year before that too.  Social media is changing so quickly it seems almost by the second at times, it’s very hard to keep up!

And we’re pretty sure that if it’s an issue affecting businesses from Buffer to AC Print, then it’s likely to be affecting you too…


So what’s the answer?

Well, if you read the post by Buffer, you can see step by step their plan to tackle this problem.  Some ideas of which might be just the ticket for you to boost your own social media marketing.

BUT… Their plan doesn’t extend any further than working within the parameters of what they know – social media.  And in a time when we’re even seeing social media giants Facebook extending to offline advertising campaigns (we’ve even seen the odd bus stop poster in Torbay), is this a wise move?  If Facebook cannot survive online alone, who can?

Luckily as a commercial printer we aren’t totally reliant on social media marketing, we like to mix up our marketing plan with some more traditional (and still effective) methods such as direct mail to help extend our reach into the real world.


Doing what’s right for you

So, Buffer is seeing a decline in social referral traffic and are tackling this with more focus on social.  Facebook have made the historic move to use offline advertising.  We like to use a mix of marketing both online and offline.  But what is right for your business?

Usually, Marketing Gurus recommend a good mix of online and offline advertising, working hand in hand across your campaigns.  Print in particular has been shown to drastically improve the effectiveness of social media campaigns – and vice versa (read all about that and other interesting stats here).  But let’s be totally honest, it’s all down to what is in your budget.

We’re assuming you’ve got a pretty good base of social media marketing as you’re reading this post, so here’s a few ideas of how to beat your declining social media reach with print (and the best news is they’re all really inexpensive too!):

  • Direct Mail – we regularly run campaigns for our customers that cost from as little as 50p per delivery including the artwork.  With 72% of people opening EVERY piece of post* they receive, it’s an easy win, especially when you consider most Facebook posts are estimated to reach between just 10 and 20% of your audience…
  • Outdoor Advertising – this can be everything from bill-board advertising to bus stop advertising or even PVC banners, all strategically placed with high impact to reach as many of you target market as possible and drive them towards your social media pages.
  • Exhibitions and Tradeshows – a really effective way to increase your contacts and customer base is by visiting or exhibiting at relevant exhibitions and tradeshows.  Depending on the size of the show, it’s not uncommon to walk away with over 100 business cards!  You can then follow this up with a drive Exhibition staples you will need are your display stand, pop up banner(s), business cards, brochures or leaflets.
  • Print Advertising – in relevant magazines or newspapers that your target market will be reading.


Here’s a couple of other non-print nuggets we’ve helped drive our social media reach over the last year, feel free to give them a go and let us know how you get on:

  • Email Newsletters
  • Local Radio Advertising
  • Telesales Drives


What’s your key to success?

So we’ve focused on what we can do to improve our social media reach and using print is definitely key to this, but what we really want to know is what are you already doing that’s working for you?

What’s your no.1 tip for social media marketing – we’re keen to experiment with them all!

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*Source: This blog post from Royal Mail


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