If we asked your customers to name EVERYTHING that you do, do you think they could do it?  Well, that was the question posed to us the other day, and out of intrigue we decided to ask a few of them.  Our honest response is, surprisingly, no….


This brought up a few questions: Why not?  How do we fix it?  Should everyone know everything we do – is everything relevant to every customer? And are we missing out on vital sales opportunities simply because our existing clients did not know we could do things that they may have gone elsewhere for?


Now, it may seem the obvious answer that we want all of our customers to know everything we do in order to maximise sales, but if you stop to analyse it, is that the right direction for us to go?  Take for example major brand leaders Nestle, did you know they also sell pet food?  No?  I guess that’s not the first thing they want you to think of when you’re eating a KitKat…. This brings up the discussion of targeted marketing and that perhaps targeting fewer people with a marketing message, but making sure these people are already interested in what we want to tell them, could be a more effective and prosperous approach.


There are pro’s and con’s to both targeted and non-targeted marketing, and a healthy marketing plan will show a diverse mix of the two.  This ensures we’re sending relevant messages to people we have already had contact with (there’s no point in telling some-one you can repair their flat roof in time for winter if you already know it’s thatched – you’re never going to make that sale however hard you try!!), and that we’re making ourselves appealing to as many potential new customers as possible who may not already know what we do, by telling them exactly that.  Employing this approach allows us to assure our existing customers that we understand their needs, so that when they hear from us they know it’s something they’ll want to know about; whilst simultaneously getting our name out there to people who haven’t used us before, ready for recall at the time when they do need us.


There are many forms of marketing you can use to get your message across to the right people at the right time, and print rightly so, still has big place in achieving this.  Take for example the billboard posters your see, posters on bus stops, signs on buses, sign writing on cars, beer mats in your local pubs, leaflets in magazines, the branded work wear your staff have on or even those coffee shop loyalty cards you have sat in your wallet – all of this is printed and all of it is designed to do it’s job very, very well.


But what can print do for you?  Do you already use print but not sure what you’re doing is effective, or simply just fancy a refresh?  We have over 30 years experience in print and can come up with a range of ideas that will work for you, to suit where and how you want to use them, and most importantly….to fit your budget!  We have our own in house designers to sort your artwork, can arrange product photography if needed and can deliver items directly to your customers too, saving you hassle and time.  We do like to make life easy.







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