The Creative Marketer Guest Blog Post for AC Print Ltd 'It's Not Just A Business Card'


I go to a LOT of networking events and I meet a LOT of new people every week. One of the things
that always bewilders and shocks me is the lack of attention people give their business cards.

I’ve had ones with crumpled corners, ones on paper so thin I’ve had a paper cut, ones where 50%
of the card hasn’t been used and ones that have even forgotten to include the contact email
address so it’s been scribbled on in pen!
Now, I understand there is a cost associated with these seemingly unimportant pieces of paper but
should you discard them totally?


You are at the latest networking event and you meet someone you would like to build a relationship
with. On finishing your conversation you make plans for a meeting and swap business cards. Only
problem is, yours looks like the dog ate it… how do you feel? What impression is that giving your
future client about your business?
That one simple gesture is loaded with messages:
• Company values
• Company ethics
• Customer importance

First Impressions Count

A business card is the first impression you are giving a potential customer of your brand and
business. It is a direct representation of your business and what it stands for; so a business card
that stands out as being high quality and considered can only be a good thing.

The values your card holds within its look, feel and finish stays with the recipient for a long time.

3 Tips For Creating A Business Card That Leaves A Lasting Impression:

1. Ditch the clip art
Unless you have the skills in-house, commission a professional designer to create your brand, logo
and associated business stationery—including your cards.
2. KISS – Keep it seriously simple
You want your recipient to easily read your contact details so keep the text at a legible size.
Remember there are two sides on a business card so you can keep the primary information on the
front and the secondary information on the reverse.
3. Be adventurous
Your business might not be overly adventurous, but take a look at and consider using different
shapes, sizes, paper thicknesses, textures, materials and finishes to make your business stand out
from the crowd. Choose a card that absolutely represents your brand’s values and ethos so that the
recipient is left in no doubt of who you are and how you can help them. Your local printer can
supply you with samples of different choices and styles.

Business Cards commercial print using digital printer by AC Print Ltd Yalberton Industrial Estate Paignton

The Essentials:

Obviously your company name and logo should be on there as standard. Including your website,
email address and contact number is an absolute must, so please do check, check and double
check they included and are correct. Not essential but another good way to encourage people to
engage with your brand is to include your social media logos.

Swapping your information is a very personal process. Engaging conversation and eye contact are
instrumental in forming the start of a relationship. Punctuating the conversation with a dog eared
flimsy business card risks leaving the recipient putting your card in with the rest and forgetting
about you, and who can afford to do that?


Don’t under estimate the power of the business card.

Many thanks to The Creative Marketer for this guest blog.  We’re thrilled to be working together – keep an eye out on their website for our forthcoming guest blog post on how to select the right paper and finish.

The Creative Marketer Guest Blog Post for AC Print Ltd It's Not Just Business Card


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