Consider This….What If Business Printers Didn’t Exist?

If business printers didn’t exist… How would you as a company, lose out financially?

You might think that a bit of an odd question, as business printers tend to bill you for their work… But since promoting yourself as the company you want people to buy from, have you stopped to think about the impact professional printers bring to your business?

High quality print, paper and finishings, make all of your print look impressive, subliminally telling your customer that you are a professional, high quality, reputable company to work with.  All the little details that your business printers do as part and parcel of their work, provide a product that makes your company shine.

So, if business printers didn’t exist to show off your business, through business cards, promotional print, glossy brochures and exhibition stands….

  • Would people still consider you professional, reputable and the people to work with?
  • Would they find you at exhibitions and have something to take away to remind them of the calibre of business you offer?
  • How would you effortlessly exchange details without an impressive looking business card?

And if people can’t find you, cant exchange contact details and cant get the right impression of your business….how would they buy from you??

This is why it’s so important to use professional business printers who can take your image up a notch by using materials, finishes and impressive techniques to show off what you can do.


But what kind of business printers should you be working with?

The answer to this, is that it very much comes down to your individual business needs.  And sometimes your needs may change from job to job, for example some jobs the driver is time and others are price; so working with business printers who understand this and is flexible, is key.

Although the needs of each business, and often even campaign can vary; there are a range of things you can consider when looking at what kind of business printers to work with:

  • Do you need a printer you can visit to talk through your job?  Therefore is location key?
  • Will you have a direct point of contact so you can pick up the phone and speak directly to the person in charge of your job?
  • What quality of print and materials are available?
  • What finising options such as matt lamination, perforation or stitching can be used?
  • Do they offer samples of a range of previous work printed from their portfolio?
  • What print types are available such as lithographic print, digital print, large format print and direct mail, and can they complete all your jobs under one roof?
  • Are pantone matching and specialist inks such as metallics available?
  • Do they offer pre-print proofing?
  • What are their standard turnaround times?
  • What delivery options are available, can they deliver direct to your list of customers? what will this cost and can you track deliveries easily online?


To summarise, if you want your business cards, promotional print and exhibition displays to reflect a professional, trustworthy image of your business – the kind of image of a business that people want to work with and order from….then using business printers is essential.

The investment pays for itself over and over,  by securing contacts with your impressive business card, influencing their decision making with your informative promotional print and educating them on your product range and point of difference with your display stands and banners.


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