As the nights have been drawing in and the weather getting bleaker, Derek, one of our lovely directors – better hown for his water skiing and boating than staying indoors – has been spending his weekends refurbishing his bathroom.


Glutton for punnishment, he has spent weeks trying to find the right wallpaper and paint, bringing in swatches and colour samples for us all to vote on (driving us slightly nuts in the process!!) before taking them home for the final seal of approval.


Having spent over 40 years in the print industry, Derek is on first name terms with every shade of every colour you could imagine, so the poor people at ‘a well known DIY store’ have had their work cut out for them getting his bizarre requests right!


Derek has now completed the project, and we have all managed to resume normal talk of X Factor and the like rather than paint swatches!  And to mark the end of what seems like an epic refurbishment, we have presented him with his very own ‘bathroom wallpaper on canvas’ to go on the wall by his desk as a reminder of why he doesn’t want to do any more DIY!


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