It’s that time of year again already!  The leaves have turned brown and fallen off the trees, the temperature has started to drop, the nights are drawing in…  And it’s almost time for one of the biggest sales opportunities of the year – Halloweeeeeeeeeeeen!

How Will YOU Capitalise on it?

Halloween is a prime opportunity to boost sales both digitally and using commercial print.  We recently looked at how using print hand in hand with your digital activity, to create a cross-sector campaign, provides a major boost to the results of both.  So here are some ideas following on from this, of how YOU can turn Halloween into a successful sales boosting campaign for your company…

Bespoke Halloween Themed POS (Point of Sale)

Using bespoke Halloween POS for your campaign is a really fun and interesting way to create engagement with the people it will benefit.  Being creative with the design, shapes and the way your POS is displayed will all add to the visual impact of your campaign, drawing people in and encouraging them to act.

Make the most of your budget by using your point of sale artwork on your social media sites leading up to Halloween.  This will further re-enforce your campaign, help you reach more people and keep reminding them about you which encourages them to buy from YOU.


Direct Mail Campaign

Promoting your Halloween offering via direct mail puts your offer right in the hands of the people who are most likely to buy from you.  Use your direct mail campaign to lead people to your website or social media pages where you can use your Halloween artwork to draw them along the sales funnel.

If you have a store, really create a complete cross-sector campaign by using Halloween POS bespoke to you, so customers can instantly recognise the promotion and be reminded to act on it!


Outdoor Campaign

Create a big impact with an outdoor campaign to promote your bespoke Halloween offering.  This can be as simple as using large format PVC banners – you wont be missed with these!  Or, depending on your campaign budget, you can opt for an outdoor advertising campaign on sites such as bus stops (speak to the lovely Fernbank Advertising if you’re in the South Devon area, we can’t recommend them enough!).

Either way you can use the creative design from your outdoor campaign and support your campaign by using it online and in store on your Halloween POS.  This will allow you to reach a greater audience and for those who see your outdoor campaign this provides additional points to remind them to act!


The One Key Point to Your Success

Whatever your plans for your campaign this Halloween, the key point to remember is:

Use the artwork from your POS printed materials everywhere you can – your social media pages, blog and newsletters are great places to start.  Working print campaigns hand in hand with your online presence helps build the success of the overall campaign by providing multiple ways for you to reach your customers.


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