Business Marketing Planning for the Yeah Ahead by AC Print Ltd

January is a critical time of year for marketing planning for businesses across the UK.

Planning marketing, advertising and promotional activity for the year ahead is a big task, with multiple elements to consider.  Allocating budget and deciding on the most cost effective way to spend it comes about only once all the research and planning has been completed, reported and reflected upon.

How we can help you with your marketing planning

Possibly not a statement you’d be expecting to hear from your commercial printer.  More likely you’d expect to hear this from your financial advisor or a big marketing agency.  However we can, in fact, assist you with your marketing planning for the year ahead and the best bit is that it doesn’t even cost you a penny, or commitment to spend out.

This is how it works:

When you’re taking the time to figure out what marketing you’re going to do and when, pick up the phone to us to discuss your ideas.

It’s that simple.

We will help to guide you in the right direction, taking into consideration your objectives: budget / visibility / reach / whatever your desirable end goal may be.

Our discussion will help us to provide you with a range of quotes with varying quantities for different products, kits and campaigns.  This gives you all the information you need to play around with your ideas and discover what will work best for you.

An industry example:

For example you may want to make up a Point of Sale kit which will be delivered to 500 shops across the UK.

By discussing this idea with us at the outset we can suggest items that you could include in your kit.  This is really useful in cases where you want to send this out as a direct mail and be guaranteed to keep your kit within a certain postal size.

We would also look at different ways of delivering to help make this a minimal part of your spend and thus increase the amount available to spend on POS within the kit instead.  Then we can give you pricing for all the elements of your kit at differing quantities so you can see how the price would go up or down depending on how many you ordered – in some cases doubling the amount of POS within a kit only adds minimal cost.

Crucially, we can look into how the cost would be affected if we did the job in full.  For example if we were to do all the artwork, print, kit packing and despatch, you would benefit from a far greater cost saving than if we just did your print alone, making your budget suddenly go much, much further.

And when you have more budget you can order more kits, which makes your cost per unit go down and so on and so on!

Let us help you get ahead of the game

It may be a little outside of the box, but with our 30+ years in the industry, we have the time tested experience and knowledge to help guide you in your decision making process in any marketing planning that involves print or design. We may even be able to suggest some ideas that you didn’t even know could be done.

And the chances are that if you didn’t know, then neither did your competition, so we’ll help get you ahead of the game too!



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