Sometimes, you just have to take a step back and appreciate the internet.  How did we cope with life before Google?

Digital Marketing has brought about a huge change in the way Marketing budgets are spent.  Ironically with the rise of social media, we’ve seen the traditional mighty TV advertising on the decline – only for it to be recreated in the form of video marketing which has exploded in use over the past 12 months.

Similarly, in print we have seen a shift in the way Marketers are doing things that we have adapted with.  The rise of Digital Marketing has given us a platform to use print as a support function to boost the results of online campaigns.  And equally online campaigns are able to provide more traditional (yet still highly effective) print campaigns with a boost in return.

But today we wanted to share with you a little gem we stumbled across on Econsultancy’s website, it’s  a fantastic resource for anyone who writes or uses Content Marketing for their business:


The Periodic Table of Content Marketing, by Chris Lake.

The Periodic Table of Content Marketing


Don’t forget that Content Marketing also crosses over to be used in promotional print for your business and this table easily translates for use with digital and print.

We’ll definitely be printing off a copy for our Marketing Hub at AC Print Ltd HQ!


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