Commercial print is a massive part of  successfully marketing your business.  Effective and cost efficient, it’s not to be ignored if you want your name to be the one customers remember.  Here’s the top 5 things your competitors already know about using commercial print to make their sales explode:

1. Make It So You Can’t Be Ignored

commercial print foamex sign for shop fascia

Being seen in today’s marketplace is the biggest challenge of all.  Once you become visible to potential customers then it’s your mission to convince them they need you.  But how do you get seen in the first place?  Print provides you with the cut through you need and here’s a few cost effective ways you can make that happen quickly:

  • Banners – big, bold and unmissable.  Banners get you noticed in locations that nothing else can, 24/7.
  • Signage and window displays – don’t be missed!  Effective signage increases footfall and recognition of your logo.
  • Direct Mail – 87% of people open every single item of post they receive, don’t miss this opportunity to get in front of your customers.

2. Recruit New Customers – Press to Impress!

Commercially printed brochures leaflets and direct mail

Here are 3 ways your competitors are using commercial print right now to reach and recruit new customers:

  • Brochures – for an impressive, professional way to showcase your business that immediately commands trust.
  • Leaflets – a diverse range of uses that offer a professional snapshot of your key selling points.
  • Direct Mail – with a tailored address list of people with an interest in or a need for what you do, and a expertly designed direct mail package, your business can be delivered directly to the hands of new customers.

3. Retain Existing Customers – Rewards and Incentives

Customer Loyalty Cards

Whilst recruiting new customers your competitors haven’t forgotten about keeping their existing customers happy and loyal to their business.  Here’s just how they’re doing it with commercial print:

  • Loyalty Cards – encourage customers to buy from you again instead of spending their money with your competition.
  • Customer Magazines and Money off Vouchers – make your customers feel valued by sending them an exclusive magazine or brochure with deals, offers and money off vouchers that only they can take advantage of.

4. Generate Repeat Business Using Commercial Print

Use commercial print to generate repeat business

Your competitors know that they need to be in charge of driving repeat business, using commercial print to smash their goals:

  • Direct Mail – tailoring direct mail to existing customers gives you the opportunity to show them what they’re missing and build their desire to buy from you.
  • Leaflets, vouchers and compliments slips – all of these can be put in with your customer’s purchase with the aim of generating repeat business.  You can use this space to do anything from directing customers to your facebook page, to offering money off their next purchase or to highlight other products they would be interested in.

5. Get Your Customers To Do The Talking

Commercial print helps customers recommend your business for you

Your competitors are already in on the act of getting their customers to advocate and build their business, and commercial print is a key part of this.  Emulate their success with some of these proven methods:

  • Recommend a friend vouchers – personal recommendations speak volumes to new customers.
  • Leaflets or compliments slips directing customers to give you online reviews, like and share your social media pages.
  • Feedback forms which you can use to learn from customer experience, and take positive reviews for your marketing literature.

In Summary

Print means getting your name in the hands of your potential customers, retaining existing customers and generating business.  Now you know how your competitors do it, can you afford not to?

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