Pen and paper vs modern technology

We’ve been having a debate in the office today: are you a technology geek or do you go for good old fashioned pen and paper every time?

For me, there’s something about the smell and the feel of a good old book, sitting down with a big mug of tea in a cosy corner and sinking into the story.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got the kindle app on my phone, and it has it’s place, but for me it’s more for a few minutes entertainment when I find myself waiting around somewhere, as lets be fair, who is ever without their smartphone these days?  I just don’t seem to take the words in from the app like I do when I have a physical book in my hands.

If I need to write a list, it’s good old fashioned pen and paper which I fold up and pop in my pocket, I always seem to forget about the ‘notes’ app on my smartphone – my ‘to do list’ would never get done if I relied on that.  And when I need to check through what I’m writing, you guessed it, I print it out and get my trusty pen to highlight any errors – I always seem to miss them when they’re on a screen.

So, the next question is, is this a generation thing?

I am of the age where the ‘modern technology’ explosion was just on the cusp as I left school, so it isn’t something that’s been with me my whole life.  Having said that my whole career centres around computers, modern technology, the social media boom, so I’m far from a stranger to the benefits of it all.  And as a commercial printer, advancements in technology are definitely our friend, we relish the opportunities and capabilities innovation brings to our business with open arms and sing it’s praises to anyone who will listen – especially our customers.

So, what conclusion did we draw from our debate at our Tuesday morning elevensies….

Everything has it’s place.  Modern technology does not seem to have replaced our old favourites, rather adapted or improved them for our busy ‘always on the go’ lives.   And whilst we embrace technological advances, we also enjoy the comfort of taking some things back to when it was all just a little less hectic.  Let’s be honest though, we’d never go back to an era of looking things up in an encyclopaedia…when we have Siri.

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