Mark is one of 4 directors here at AC Print, and we’re pretty sure he secretly lives in the office as he’s always last to walk out the door!  Mark is responsible for quoting and scheduling, making sure every job is out the door on time and at the best possible price.  He’s also the unofficial Tech Support Department, back up Graphic Designer and chief winder-upper of Steve, our main Graphic Designer – more to come on him later!

Mark has been with AC Print since 2002 and has been key to our development as a company.  Mark is one of those people who, if you have a problem, he can fix it – be it with a computer, a printer or the wi-fi….unless it’s a HP Deskjet that needs linking up to the network, apparently they’re more complex than the huge commercial Neopost machine that’s just been installed, or so he’ll tell you anyway!  When Mark first started working for AC Print, a customer asked him to move an address 10mm up on a letterhead and then go ahead and print 10,000 of them.  He moved the address and pushed the button on printing 10,000 of them.  The customer returned the job as he had moved the address by 10cm!! Ooopsy.

Before life at AC Print, Mark was a Warehouse & Distribution Manager up in the Midlands.  He also spent a lot of time exp0loring Europe and US, but has said that since turning 40 and into a boring oldie (his words!), he’s glad for the 11hr days to ground him!  When asked to tell us something we didnt know about him for this blog post, he said: ‘I’m a hero…. I once saved a boy from drowning. I saved a seagull from certain death. Rescued a cat from the top of a 40ft tree…’  It seems his achievements are endless!!

Outside of work, Mark likes to play on his motorbike, or at least he did, until we moved and he had to trade it in for a Corsa…they’re much kinder to the environment he told us.  Nothing to do with saving a few pennies on fuel then?  He’s also super-competitive, which is probably how he’s helped the company achieve such growth since he’s been here.  He’s so competitive, that when we had a recent team night out at the bowling alley, he could be spotted on the lanes practicing every night for a week before hand!  He still came second to Andy P…just don’t mention it to him, it’s still a bit of a sore subject!




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