What is Large Format Print?

Large format print is also commonly referred to as wide format print.  Put simply, it is printing onto large sized sheets, usually with a small order quantity (from 1+).

Large format print is so much more than just printing onto paper, as in lithographic print where large runs of paper based products are printed (such as posters).

Large format print gives us the capability to print onto a range of substrates such as PVC.  This in turn gives us the creativity to produce innovative, fully printed items that other machines are not built to do.  This allows us to have a far broader product range and enables customers to look at bespoke ideas to promote themselves.

We can produce large format print starting at as small as A2, which is ideal for smaller banners or signs with a low order quantity.  But, the bigger the better in some cases – contact us to discuss your bespoke ideas.

Large Format Print Products

Items which are printed on a large format printer include:

  • PVC Banners
  • Foamex Signs
  • Canvas Prints
  • Exhibition Display Stands
  • Large Posters
  • Bus Stop Signs
  • Shop Window Graphics

Examples of Large Format Print That We Are Proud of:

Wide format print shop window by AC Print Ltd Large format print PVC Banner by AC Print Ltd South Devon  WonderbraWide Format Poster by AC Print Ltd Devon

Exhibition Display Stands Large Format Poster by AC Print Ltd Torbay Pull Up Banner Large Format Print by AC Print Ltd Commercial Printers in Devon Exhibition stand exhibition graphics by AC Print Ltd Torbay

How Can I Use Large Format Print to Boost My Business?

Large format print can be used to knock the socks off of your customers.  It’s high impact nature gives you maximum exposure in busy environments – making you stand out from everyone else… Including your competitors.

It also has a way of making your business come across as professional, reliable and trustworthy just because you have invested in something as premium as this for your business.  And surprisingly, it can also be very cost effective.

There are some really impactful ways in which you can use large format print to your advantage.  Here are some examples which have worked really well for both our customers and ourselves:

  • PVC Banners can be used outdoors and are a great way to advertise your business or event.
  • Foamex signs can be used to dress the outside of your business so customers cannot miss where you are, or for signs directing customers to you. They are also really impressive as wall art – we have a floor to ceiling 3 piece foamex in our reception and it looks fantastic!
  • Canvas prints give your business a unique stamp.  You can have any design printed on it that you like.  From your company logo to a photograph of the town you’re based in – be as creative as you like!  Our canvas prints are high quality and designed to look premium on your wall space, ideal for board rooms or as customer gifts.
  • Exhibition stands are a really good investment if you attend any kind of exhibition or event where you have designated floor space.  They are portable and easy to erect.  The graphics panels can be printed to be scuff proof making them ideal for taking from show to show.  But the best bit about them is how in a few minutes, you have a stand that makes you look outstanding and really shows off how professional your business is.

If you have some ideas about what you would like to do, but you’re not 100% sure what you need or even if it’s possible, give us a call now!  We love to get our teeth into opportunities to be innovative!


Large format print is a fantastic addition to your marketing and promotional tool box.  It gives you high visibility and a premium, professional feel that will make you stand out from the competition; and is proven to be highly cost effective.

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