Have you thought about Invoice Marketing?  It’s an incredibly simple concept, but surprisingly effective:


Every time you send out an invoice, pop a slip in with it to tell your customers something else you do /  a special offer you have on / a competition you are running / how to find you on social media sites such as facebook and Twitter etc.


The idea is to get your customer interested in interacting with you again and building a relationship with you, leading to future sales.  Most people prefer to buy from someone they have a connection with, rather than a faceless corporation.  If you don’t tell them about your new product / special offer / competition etc how will they know?  And the genius behind it is that it can be so incredibly cheap.  All you need is a printed leaflet to go in the envelope with the invoice – you’re paying for the envelope and the stamp anyway, so adding a leaflet is only a few extra pence per customer, and could be the most effective part of your targeted marketing plan.


Not sure where to start?  Give us a call and we will come up with some options for you.  We have our own in house designers, can arrange product photography for you if needed and printing only takes a few days – making it as easy as possible for you.



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