Guest Blog: It’s Not Just A Business Card


You are at the latest networking event and you meet someone you would like to build a relationship
with. On finishing your conversation you make plans for a meeting and swap business cards. Only
problem is, yours looks like the dog ate it… how do you feel? What impression is that giving your
future client about your business?

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How to Boost Sales With Print – A Step by Step Guide

Now you know how to do it, make print part of every marketing campaign you run in 2016. You can see the value of expanding your campaigns to incorporate print and just how diverse it can be depending on your objectives. Using print to fulfil your business needs can lead you to increased sales leads, increased revenue, increased followers and engagement of real customers on social media, increased website visits and increased newsletter sign-ups.

Print as a key marketing tool provides support to the full sales cycle – creating leads that turn into repeat customers.

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Print Buyers: Top 5 Tips

A print buyer has a really tough job. No, really. Balancing the requirements of their business needs with a cost effective and timely solution is not always as easy as it sounds. In addition to this there’s seeking out innovative print ideas to keep you one step ahead of the competition, being super-slick at negotiations and making sure every order is delivered exactly as expected and to deadline, without fail.

Few! You can see the importance of creating strong relationships with reliable commercial printers.

With this in mind here’s some of our top tips for print buyers based here in the UK:

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Business: Marketing Planning for the Year Ahead?

It may be a little outside of the box, but with our 30+ years in the industry, we have the time tested experience and knowledge to help guide you in your decision making process in any marketing planning that involves print or design. We may even be able to suggest some ideas that you didn’t even know could be done.

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