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When it comes to print for your business, or indeed that of the business you work for, it’s important to make sure it’s reflective of the company, the promotion and how you intend to use it.  Every detail from concept, to creative, to paper quality and finishing types makes a big impact on the end results.  Your business printer will have an expert knowledge of what works for you to tap into, so the big question is…

How Do I Make My Business Print Stand Out?

First decide on how/where you intend to use your print

For example if you need something to promote yourselves at an exhibition, considerations you need to make to help you decide on what items you require printing could be:

  • How long does it need to last?
  • Will it be used at multiple exhibitions?
  • Will it be for indoor and outdoor use?
  • What could we do that will be different to everyone else, that the visitors to the exhibition will keep?
  • How many visitors are expected and therefore how much do we need?
  • What can we use to improve engagement with visitors?

Now look at what print products fit with this

The above sort of questions will help you to identify what business print you would need, in this example some suggestions would be:

  • Exhibition graphics and banner stands to give a professional, impactful presence, that could be used at multiple exhibitions/events
  • High quality brochures, business cards and branded bags with company info on for visitors to take away with them
  • A business card box for visitors to put their business cards in (usually in return for entry into a competition and subscription to your newsletter)
  • Something visitors would take away and use, that has your contact details on as a constant reminder ie desktop calendars, vouchers for your product/service etc

Don’t be afraid to include your printer in this discussion, their knowledge and experience could point you in a direction you hand’t thought of to help give you the edge.  They can also talk through quality and finishing options that would work for you and that may impact the creative design stage.

Create a design brief

Writing down a creative design brief will help your designer get into the mindset of what you are trying to achieve and ensure minimal amends are needed (saving you £££!).  A design brief walks the designer through what you want to achieve without being too prescriptive over the overall design – designers are creative people, give them the opportunity to do what they do best and get creative.  Here’s a quick short-list of things to include:

  • What are they designing ie a Poster?
  • Where and how it will be used?
  • What is the purpose of the design ie to attract visitors to our exhibition stand?
  • Who will see it and what do you want them to do ie visitors to the business exhibition who I want to come to our stand and enter our business card draw?
  • Important information to be included (ie company logo, telephone number etc)

Where possible, talk through your brief with colleagues before sending it to your designer, see if they get the concept of what you’re asking for.  Once the initial design has been made, show it off and see if people ‘get it’ ie from that design do they know what you want them to do?  You can then give all your feedback in one go for tweaks to be made before the design goes to print.

And Finally…

Once your business print has been professionally printed by your commercial printer, you’re ready to go and use your high quality, professional looking print to show off what YOU do best.  Here’s what we did for our last exhibition:

Business print exhibition stand exhibition graphics in Torbay

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